It always surprises me when I'm getting to know a potential client and they tell me that the other DJ they were talking to told them they don't take requests OR (even worse) they refuse to offer a DO NOT PLAY list.  If I had to guess, these companies feel like they've figured out what works well most of the time, and don't want to be told how to do their job. They're professionals right?

The thing is, this wedding should be about what you want to hear, what you want to dance to and how you want to party.  Every wedding should be uniquely you.  I think it goes without saying that you should be able to requests songs.  At times however it can be imperative to have a DO NOT PLAY list.  Here are a few reasons I feel like this is so important.

  1. Many of you have been thinking about your wedding day for years. In general, I tend to stay away from line dances and super corny songs unless they are requested by one of my clients. That being said If there are songs or genres that are going to make you cringe, I really want to know to avoid them.
  2. You are probably marrying someone that you trust.  You were able to choose this person.  You don't get the same opportunity to choose family, or your partners friends.  If you aren't sure you can trust your guests to make decent requests, a good do not play lists gives me both the chance to stop a bad request in its tracks with no questions asked.
  3. Lastly, telling me what you don't like tells me more about how to curate the perfect playlist than telling me what you do like.  It also helps me keep the energy on the dance floor. For example, even if I'm playing music that everyone is enjoying, but you HATE the song.  There's a good chance you are going to leave the dance floor (You'll probably make your way over to me, NOT GOOD!) and with you goes the energy and handful of guests.  This is the perfect storm to have your night ending early and leaving unfulfilled.

This is why I love a good DO NOT PLAY list.  So take my advice and lets make this party last all night!  

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